Non – invasive face lift technique to tighten your skin

  • One treatment for a long time effect

  • No recovery time

  • No wound

  • Precise treatment, dose not hurt thesurrounding tissue

The specific effects according to various depth

  • 3.0mm - Pulling eyebrows, Nasolabial

  • 4.5mm - Facial tighten up, Improve elasticity


The Ultrasonic energy is focused on low-vitro in vivo. Formation of high-energy Ultrasound focusing area, because the thermal effects of local organizations to achieve instant 60~80℃ temperature. Meanwhile joint cavitation Ultradon ic, thermal effects, combined effects of the immune effects, etc. To stimulate collagen and elasticity of fibers from regenerated reorganization surface of the skin without causing any harm. Muscles can be achieved quickly and restore skin elasticity.