3D LifeViz® Infinity

All-in-one 3D camera for breast, body and face capable of photo documentation, 3D skin analysis and simulation of treatments.

Rather than having different hardware for face and body, simulation and/or skin analysis, LifeViz® Infinity offers a comprehensive solution in an all-in-one system.

This new addition to the LifeViz® range will bring portability to face and now breast 3D acquisition.

Superior image quality has been reached by working on improving the optics performance. The LifeViz® Infinity produces excellent pictures from near and far thanks to a large and deep field of view.

The dual beam pointer system has been adapted with one distance for the face and one for breast available in one switch. For the first time, reproducible pictures are possible without re-positioning and/or multi-head systems for the face and breast.

Last but not least, a powerful external flash negates the need for any external lighting conditions.